Update: November 13, 2021

The original purpose of this site, as you can read below, was to archive my social media posts in case of online censorship. It is only recently (at far too advanced an age) that I’ve realized that most what I contribute to social media is not worth archiving. In addition, social media itself is such a distraction that it often gets in the way of the kind of writing that I loved both creating and consuming when I was younger.

So going forward, anything that I write that is truly worth saving will be initially posted to this site, then shared across social media as appropriate.

Originally posted May 3, 2019

This site is primarily designed to serve as a repository for all the materials I have contributed to social media from the beginning of May 2019 onward, although I will occasionally put original posts here as well. Put bluntly, I have become too dependent on proprietary social networks for my online identity, which puts me (and all other participants) at risk for censorship by unaccountable corporate entities.

By creating this site, I hope to do my part to reclaim the early spirit of pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter Open Internet, while not completely detaching from those entities. Put another way, I hope to play in the walled gardens without being trapped in them. For the sake of keeping the blog uncluttered, my backup social media posts are set as private by default.